I choose gratitude.

I choose to celebrate myself. 


Our gradual focus on what makes life significant is blurring out all that is magnificent around us, so  I decided to say, “life is grand,” at every nuance of this world that dares to interfere with my happiness. It is my attempt at bullish humor in the face of adversity, after completing a 90-day #gratitudechallenge. I caught myself finishing the statement “life is grand” with, “and then it gets better,” just to reaffirm an attitude of gratitude regardless of the circumstances that I see around me. This biblical scripture is my anchor: 2 Timothy 1:7

For God gave us a spirit not of fear

but of power and love and self-control.

I get it, though. None of us are oblivious to the current state of  quick tempers, and flaring micro-aggressions, forcing some of us to slap a smile on our faces (for how emotionally exhausting that is.) We auto-feed our “posi-vibes” through every social media timeline possible. We go “live,” and grant our screens too much emotional real estate. I’m simply over it. We are totally missing out on improving our lives because we aren’t pouring into that which can keep us in an atmosphere of grace, mercy, and love. We get an exchange of the best of each other when choose to address each other with love, joy, peace, gentleness, truthfulness, self-control, kindness, patience and goodness. Have you noticed? Almost every interaction we are participants! What we contribute to a discussion MATTERS! I believe we can change the world if we are more cognizant of how broken it is. When we can realistically acknowledge the pain and suffering of those who are lost and broken themselves. I share my approach to life with enthusiastic vigor because I believe the lessons I’ve learned beckoned a renewed mindset and spiritual stamina like never before. I believe that we honor each other when we learn from each other thru transparent, honest, loving and authentic conversations. When we help each other refer to God’s presence in our lives, we can start to witness a collective effervescence of joy, and pain, which has always connected us. For me, I just want to point people to the truth.  My life changed bit by bit the more I said “life is grand,” in tough times; or when I said, “relentless self-love,” to soothe any anxiety or guilt. It meant something different every time, but the result remained the same. The more I saw God’s sovereign hand in my life, the easier it was to say this mantra as my daily way to say, “Thank you God for giving me everything I need. Whether in good times or in bad, I trust you completely with my life.”

the blog’s mission

To spark the mind and hearts of those seeking to heal.

To share the fruits of intentionally and accountability with an attitude of gratitude. To promote leadership in the community. To make people aware of mental wellness practices.

To promote leadership in the community. To make people aware of mental wellness practices.

To make people aware of mental wellness practices.



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