7 Philosophies to Avoid Busy Syndrome 

My 7 Daily To-Do’s

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Can We Talk Mistakes?

I have compiled positive-reinforcement images to encourage you as you forgive yourself and others for mistakes. Some I have written down physically, others I glance at randomly.   Take a few moments to slow down as you read these. And as you read each one, concentrate and reflect on what you’re obsessing over. I know […]

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The Fruitful Seed 

I was walking through aisles of Toys’R’Us, with my daughter on hip, when an “aleph” took place. Aleph, as Paulo Coelho would put it is “a point where everything, the whole universe is contained” and this occurred between a warming spirit and mine. Aleph, as I like to put it is when a seed gets […]

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I don’t doubt myself because I know myself. I know who leads me and what motivates me. I know what triggers me and what makes me miserable. Acts 7:22  

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“When we are deceived, we don’t know, enjoy or live by the truth.” Joyce Meyer The truth is we are accountable for what we give, say and do to others. We like to think we don’t harm others with our actions or words and then dare to become offended when our relationships take a turn for […]

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