From Ruined to Reigning In Grace, Part I

I find myself grounded more in the word of God [John 1:1], after studying the painstaking, parallel truth about modern Christians, of that time and of today, according to Paul’s epistle in the book Romans. Studying this book in the bible has revealed why we are all sinners before God and it’s helped me to understand how God defines righteousness.

The following comes from completing the first semester of bible study fellowship, studying the Romans in fellowship with some of the strongest women God’s placed before me. I went over my notes, and the answers to my questions and started to write down everything to make this post. The BSF community offers to heal, sure, but more importantly, a realistic glimpse into the lives of each of its members by coming together to talk about what we’ve learned; and yet all I see if God’s glory in each our lives. When we come together once a week to study scripture line by line at BSF, we laugh, we feel safe, and we get to encounter God, together as daughters to the same great, great father. Let me know what you think. It is lengthy, so grab your favorite drink, get cozy and have your FB, or twitter open to tweet me any questions/thoughts!

Of Pride and Unbelief

We like to think that we are set apart from sin by categorizing someone else’s sin as more or less acceptable. We all do it at some point. Socially acceptable sins are the most detested by God because all sin stems from pride and selfishness. This is the slippery slope of adding to God’s righteousness.  The nausea of our guilt and sneakiness of shame eventually goes away when we can put our pride to death.

Pride and selfishness are evidence of sin in our lives (thanks, Adam!), yet we ignore them and trade those for arrogant lies. Truth is, we are born sinners. Born rebels and born lawless to God’s righteousness. God isn’t content with righteousness, but rather that we become new creations in His son, Jesus.

God saves us on the basis of Jesus’ goodness and good works.

How & Whyvanessa-ochotorena-306568

Since Adam’s choice of being independent of God imputed into us from our mother’s womb, I confidently know that the world God created was good in every way, yet the world, in its current state, is not as God created.  Because Adam means “human being,” all of humanity has been dealt that judgment. You see, death has always been our enemy, and I truly don’t say that to be daunting in any way. Life is pretty awesome, and many people do not live to see 100! Or they live long lives never being alive about anything; never feeling the passion to do or be anything. forgetting that we all come from this human race. And that breaks my heart.

Even in the secular, unbelievers believe that they deserve an eternal life outside of Jesus Christ because their disobedience has convinced them there will be no punishment of death attached to their sins. Truth is, ‘dead’ is God’s judgment for sin, and sin is the breaking God’s law(let’s not add to this, kay?). We know that death was in the world before Moses’ law and we know that even if they never sinned according to the commandments, they still died, thus never receiving eternal life. Death is a spiritual symptom of sin! How do we know this, and why is it important to know this as a Christian? Because of Adam, humanity was predestined to experience the “reign of death,” which is the only proof that death came thru Adam because of Adam’s sin, therefore sin=death. They go hand-in-hand! (there are many studies on what Adam’s sin was, but I’ve understood it as his sin was disbelief.)

There is a pattern of the one to comeGood News is Coming
and reign forever amidst God’s wise plan.

Yes, every baby born is a sinner. And Yes, God grieves their lives being lost to disease and hunger, exploitation, abortion, stillbirths, and miscarriages. Why??? Because all of humanity was in Adam and Adam represented all of humanity before God, therefore his sin represents us ALL as well. We are all family, and we’ve haven’t been the best family members to each other.

God grieves all of this!

So what now? God the Father sent his Son, Jesus to atone this original sin we are all born into by suffering human life and dying on a cross for the sins we’ve committed generations before him so that we can have an eternal life with God, the father.

Jesus’ life is light, newness in all aspects (mind and body) and he is hope and eternal love in me.

Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection is far superior to the original union humanity’s had with Adam. Jesus gifted us more good than any destruction from Adam’s sin. Because of Jesus we’ve been gifted a life we don’t have to die for; redemption and restoration and life carried for generations! Jesus gifted us sinners favor so undeserved; grace that overflows like a waterfall.  Grace is better known as “God’s riches at Christ’s expense.”



Adam’s sin brought Jesus’ grace that lies in our justification. Justification thru grace alone received through faith alone by the merit of Christ alone.

By ourselves, we cannot save ourselves!

Just look at all the man-made laws you, and I break. Pay attention to the standards you set and never meet (that’ll trigger you). See… God made a way for our brokenness in union with Adam to be made right standing before him when Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Our human life is limited to
all of the abundances
of God’s grace. Give thanks ❤

Jesus’ one act of obedience un-did the years of Adam’s disobedience so that reborn, we are saved by Christ alone.The law reveals our sin nature and convicts us of that sin. Without the conviction that comes from the Holy Spirit alone, the law would harden our hearts, resulting in sinning some more. “When sin was thus multiplied, grace immeasurably exceeded it.,” says Romans 5:20(NEB) therefore we can declare ourselves to live in the grace that was never earned, and stand firm under the waterfall of grace.


That’s what I’ve struggled with the most and my biggest takeaway.billy-pasco-384083

Using this grace as a power because Romans 5:21 says that it is one. It’s supernatural power that takes supernatural initiative because grace reaches out towards us and saves those who would otherwise die in their sin. Sin is a thief. It claims that grace will never give us life in full, or abundantly. Yet grace’s track record is undefeated. Grace sees us under all of our failures and gets in that valley with us to help us climb towards the peak. Grace sees us impoverished and broken but instead of remaining deprived, grace is poured in an inexhaustible measure of Christ’s riches over you. God’s grace is perfect wisdom, invincible power and of limitless supply. All we have to do is accept faith, open our arms to God’s presence and allow grace to draw us again into the center of God’s love.

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| Aug. 2017 Fall Semester BSF, ROMANS STUDY | Part I