The 2018 “New Year Keys” To Fearlessness

If you’re reading this, congrats! You’ve just survived what might’ve been a collectively crappy year for many people, and for many reasons, but you’re here. After the #Instagram posts, and several tweets reflecting on 2017: What are you looking forward to about 2018? What are some habits you are bringing with you to kick this year into a new high gear?

Resolutions are a thing of the past, and for me, this year is all about stepping boldly into the newness that God’s blessed me with. Last year brought me face to face with a lot of hard truths, new faces, and many opportunities. I feel energized. I feel “new.” Below I listed the 5 mindsets that rejuvenated me through the weary moments.

As full-time work from home mommy, I’m activated to be fearless. Even in those moments where I want to crawl under a rock and hide are slowly fading. I take this with me into every space I occupy because sometimes it’s important for others to see how dynamic you are, and can be.

So cheers! — to moving forward with a new perspective and a new permanent attitude.

5 New Keys for the New Year

  1. Reclaim FREE Time

    • never be a minor, always be an owner. ~ 50 Cent, The 50th Law of Power
    • the way you budget your finances, do so with your time! Every 5-10 minute can add quality time to other tasks on your schedule.
  2. Create Little Empires

    • what you really value in life is ownership, not money.
    • always opt for more responsibility and more room to make decisions.
  3. Move Higher Up the Food Chain

    • when people give you things, it’s usually because there are strings attached.
    • Use all of your experiences to take charge!
  4. Your Enterprise Reflects Your Individuality

    • speak to the heart you have to walk in.
    • repeal distractions!
  5. Boldly Embrace Your Uniqueness

    • build stability.
    • be strong and show up as yourself.

BONUS: Move the hearts of those in power.