My First Experience at Passion City Church Worship Night 2K17

At Passion City Church with my husband and child.
Moriah sitting pretty after her experience at their children’s ministry, Bloom.

We’re still riding off the worship from Passion City Church’s worship night. The world-renowned worship team from PCC made an exclusive stop at their local campus in Atlanta and it was a treat! Prior to even making plans, my daughter was not feeling well. I’m talking common cold, but still, we’re not a fan of public germs, so I was prematurely calling this night a lost. “We probably won’t make it since Moriah isn’t feeling well,” is what I told my husband. I didn’t even serve that day, but I don’t regret making the effort because shortly after, everything seemed to flow so perfectly. I’m still grateful God made a way for us.

When we arrived, we could not believe how packed out the sanctuary was! I mean, we couldn’t find a seat, so that was frustrating, but we sat close to the stage, but in the corner, and we blessed by a younger couple who worship there. I had to forewarn the girl about how I worship because I was there prepared to encounter God, and super geeked since we’re being honest. When she gave me that, “oooh yeah girl, me too. Let’s worship together,” I knew I was home.

The Passion Worship band started off the night with the popular, “Glorious Day,” which is pretty cool to see live. I mean, that song does energize you! As they went through the entire album, they finally ended with, “Build My Life,” which is my personal favorite off their album. Take a look at their Youtube channel while you’re at it too. I find myself playing their acoustic versions the most.

Tagging along with the tour was Levi Lusko and Louie Giglio. Below are my notes from both of their messages. Enjoy!

Levi titled his message, “Your Crown is Coming,” to illustrate how we receive peace and mercy for our grief and suffering. He pointed out how we all create our own meaning of pain and hardships along the way. We also create our own systems of coping, in which we see that for some, those systems are destructive. I guess you can say that life has a way of building us up to either fight or flight and our response to stress is worth analyzing as we age.

We all know that stress is part of life, and if you pay close attention, so is grief. So what are we suppose to do about it? If one person cannot end all the grief in the world, how can we, collectively do something about it? What is suppose to be the attitude we carry with us as we overcome being grief-stricken?

We looked at 1 Peter 9-12(NIV) to truly understand what it is. Take a look:

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 10 Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy. Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul. 12 Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day he visits us.

4 Practical Thoughts to Overcome Grief:

  1. You are destined for impact:

    • Your life MATTERS! And what you’ve been through has been bought by the blood at the crucifixion. No matter your relationship with Jesus, we were all on level ground before the cross, therefore all of our sins were bought at the same price! You are burdened with a glorious purpose
  2. Your pain makes you powerful:

    • Pain is a passport and confirmation that God will use you in a new way, and  God will take you to new places just for His glory!
    • You are still a witness to the fire.
    • Humility is a strengthener. The world will tell you otherwise, but being humble is how we honor God.
    • Never doubt God’s goodness (1 Peter 4:15-16) even in the middle of the storm.
  3. Your desires can keep you from your destiny:

    • Since the devil has been defeated thanks to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, therefore if the enemy doesn’t take it away, you might be giving up your own power.
    • Set your soul against your sin. Set it against that thing that keeps depleting your peace and robbing you of your joy. Know that and applying it in a practical way becomes easier to set your soul for freedom in Jesus when we surrender our need to sin. Trust God in this process. He will empower and equip you.
  4. You’ll see more of what you stare at

    • What are you staring at?
    • God calls us strangers and aliens– but why? So we do not forget that we are here temporarily.
    • Train your senses to recognize His glory. How can you make something smaller? Focus on making something bigger.
    • Earth isn’t our home. Heaven is.
    • Keep/ Fix your eyes on e t e r n a l things (i.e God’s peace, love, mercy, forgiveness, heaven, etc.)

 God makes sense of your pain and turns it into power.

And then, we got a small taste of Louie Giglio’s sermon while on road. Now before I dive into the notes I got from him, I want to make sure I make myself clear about this communicator of the gospel: His teaching method is one to experience. There are endless sermons to watch, just click here.

Louie titled his sermon, “Goliath Must Fall,” and below is the illustration of this point: We were created for extraordinary praise. The gospel about David and Goliath is one that is often recycled in many sermons about power and stepping up to our higher calling and purpose. This time, Louie broke down how perspective and insight from David changed the future he thought he would have. Coming from tending sheep, a mundane task and one where our imagination for our future can seem fleeting. So what made him, David, a difference maker? his perspective. Since we know that many of the psalms were written by David, we took a look at Psalms 8 (ESV) (How Majestic Is Your Name):

A couple things I noticed:

  • The Psalm starts and ends in praising how majestic the name of the lord is. (v.1 and 9)
  • It goes through a list of God’s creation; from babies, the stars and moons, down to the animals. (v.2, 6-8)
  • If I know that His glory is above the heavens, how can I gain more insight? I’ll have to lift my head and fix my eyes on the victory. I have to maintain a posture that can see above the difficulty. (v.1)
  • God gets praise at our disposal, but he takes ordinary praise and turns it into His glory. (v.5)
  • The same name used in warfare is the same name used when walking into victory for David. (v.9)

And then, Pastor Giglio does something pretty amazing. He went on and on about how we are a story, a praise, a symphony of worship because of the same stuff God made heaven and earth, and all things praise his majestic name. And then, he pulls out a small red beat-producing box, and starts mashing together 4 sounds that just took everyone away. Watch the full video below to hear him mix Vela pulsar, 47 Tucanae, nightingale bird, and a humpback whale!

This night changed how I worship. It changed my heart’s posture to worship. I gained deeper insight of God’s majesty and holiness and how we should carry ourselves. Knowing what we can prepare for(grief) also gives us an opportunity to praise him. It’s truly at all times that we should be praising God. And of course, life gets in the way, but we have to be intentional about this, especially if you’re involved in ministry work. We are walking in His grace and glory, so why not praise him?

I want to hear from you and what your favorite #praise and #worship music is. Leave your comments below, or tweet me!