In This Season….Spiritual Stamina

This season has turned into a really exciting one for my family and me. It seems that without the storms from seasons prior to help us cultivate hope and a spirit of perseverance, we become stronger than before with a peace like never before (and grace like never before too). We came from a season of breathtaking mountain peaks and, still, murky valleys, but thanks to God as we move forward, we are unshaken and filled with even more faith.


My husband and I have decided to stretch ourselves to serve the community of Snellville through leading a small group on Saturday’s.

Doughnuts and Devotionals take place at Twisted Doughnuts, in Lawrenceville, Ga.

Alongside serving as the body of Christ during regular service times, we’ve accepted this prompt of stewardship from God. We agreed that we needed to aim higher because we didn’t want to lose this reverence for his presence.  I am really proud of my husband for stepping up to the plate and leading a home run life with me too. As children and student ministry leaders, we’ve surrendered to His will. The funny part is that my hubby was hesitant but that all changed once he took just one step forward.I’m also honored to be a part of a church family that encourages us, that pour into us, and practically equip us for a balanced, biblical mission. I love the mission of 12Stone Church, and I’m grateful the Holy Spirit led me there on that rainy Sunday morning in September 2016. Alongside this thrill and excitement comes the humility. Thanks to, once again my husband’s leadership, I have been a part of Bible Study Fellowship a little over a year now.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously @12Stone

Alongside this thrill and excitement comes the humility. Being there for others doesn’t mean that I deserve this because my life story is worthy to save others, or even help them. No. I’ve taken simple pride and traded it for humble joy. I just know that I have a responsibility to the kingdom of God. I know that in order to love God and to love people, I had to stop going for low-hanging fruit and jump for the fruit that’s at the top of the tree. I knew that in order for the gospel to be real for others, is for it to be real for me. So I asked God, “how?” and next thing you know, I’m being asked to lead! That’s no small feat, coming from a woman whose family is still new to the community. But our desire was there and God provided. *praise break*Now, for how excited I was I also know that I needed my life to reflect discipline like never before. Every Wednesday from 9:40 am until about noon, I spend time at Bible Study Fellowship. This is God’s way of answering a prayer for me because I get to take Moriah with me, and she too gets to spend time learning about the Bible, and what God tells us according to the current study the adults are doing (and obviously, it’s broken down further for her comprehension). Every week, we take apart the chapters of a book in the bible. This semester it’s the book of Romans and in a small group of about 10+ women, we discuss what we learn from the teaching, and break down, line-by-line. This has blessed me tremendously! Intentional community, serving the elderly, and new relationships! I started it this time last year, which we studied the book of John, which was perfect considering that’s been the toughest season of our marriage, and personally, I was relationally dead and damn near spiritually dead too. But that all changed once I put my entire focus on my relationship with my savior.

This type of bible study is becoming a favorite in flight with my relationship with Jesus. It adds quality to my already minimal lifestyle and only requires that I spend a minimum of 1 hour,  per day, reading my bible and specific scripture. It’s easier said than done, and I often find myself doing the entire worksheet in one day when we’re really supposed to answer two or three questions a day; however, I try my best to not suffocate the grace given to me. At this point, I’ve developed a system that works best for my schedule, and I’m beginning to see it’s fruit. #JustDoIt!👍🏽

This season has been one where I get to feel loved like never before. I’m unlearning religion, and finally seeing the ordered steps before me that set me free, indeed. I’m expectant of seeing life change in those I serve, and those who serve me can expect the same. I’ve gained accountability, respect, and most importantly relentless self-love, all because I know God didn’t waste those years where I simply wasted away with every decaying thought. Now, when I see others going through some of the same trials, I’m unshaken by the truth and full of energy to encourage them. Truth is:

God made us. God loves us. God faithful to us. God can be trusted.

My life changed the moment I began to accept the seasons of my life as markers of His victory. As we go through the holiday season, and my daughter’s birthday (Christmas baby!) and then right after New Years Day, and my birthday, I’m rejoicing in this peace gifted through faith in a Lord over all, and a savior for all. That same faith is what I’m going to need once this season propels me into a fresh, new seasons, filled with new trials, and many (prayer hands) victories.