7 Philosophies to Avoid Busy Syndrome 

What you keep before your eyes will affect you. That is, whatever you see, hear and read when you first wake up can muster enough energy to carry you throughout the day, if you allow it.

What we routinely read and listen to are choices that contribute to our lifestyle, affecting our relationships and shapes our perspectives, so I started to take positive self-talk more seriously ever since I was in college and experienced my first mental breakdown. What I heard and who I surrounded myself around shifted the path before me, and I wasn’t careful until it was too late. When I walked out of the clinic after spending three nights disconnected from my poor habits, I knew I never wanted to return to anything that brought me there in the first place. Almost 8 years later, I still hold these philosophies close to heart.

But can I be frank? Some days I fail at them; yet those “other” days I only assure that two are done, but  truthfully, for the most part, I’ve curated a school of thought into an practical, routine way of thinking. I like to think that my routine can benefit my family and business partners too. So, here are the 7 checkpoints, philosophies, principles, cute sayings (I don’t care what you call them, just call them yours) which,  I use to start my day. What I do is I set reminders on my devices to pop up randomly throughout my day. I use these principles to center myself while actively getting through my day. I guess it’s my way of keeping control of the controllable.

1.) Enlarge Your Vision: If you can see yourself in your dream, it isn’t big enough. My memory dates back to middle school with that phrase. And after my experience with Noirbnb’s launch, it’s definitely about serving the bigger vision to the world; so that the global economy can to engage with it. It’s about your agility to recognize when your purpose calls you to get in position to play a game. There’s a natural push and pull that contributes thru resources, or simply solving problems which will benefit several people, and hopefully generations to come.

I like to focus on this by carrying a prayer journal around with me. Writing down “enlarge your vision,” before every prayer I’m reminded to be specific, and intentional.

2.) Develop a Healthy Self-Image: The language you use to speak to yourself after you experience failure or success defines you more than any consequence that follows a choice. I took an approach of standing alone when it comes to this. If I have to stand alone because I know it won’t benefit my self-image, I proudly stand alone. Develop a health sense of positive self-talk in order to develop a healthy self-image.

3.) Discover the Power of Your Thoughts: Therer are four rules to this practice because it’s about believing in the most important thought or attitude you spend the most time with.

4.) Let Go of the Past: “Easier said then done,” is what comes to mind whenever someone says this to me, so I know it may not be any different now. But I want you to remain encouraged as you go thru this daily process of removing that which discourages us and pushing thru with self-forgiveness. You missed a mark? Didn’t arrive on time? Lost at something? You still have to pick yourself up with ever-lasting love and kindness and move on. I strongly believe that forgiveness is the key that opens doors to

5.) Gain Strength thru Adversity: Take a moment to grieve and mourn whatever you have lost, for it’s all necessary for our health. Just don’t stay there. Stalling is symptom of adversity, just like procrastination. Both properties make the body, heart, and mind weary. It makes one feel like they have all the time in the world. My friends, trouble is a positive sign, but you first must be in the business of forgiving yourself. You must rid yourself of that small-minded thinking and start participating in a mission that greater than you. Yielding God’s presence in your most intimate and challenging moments only offers you more strength to persevere it.

6.) Live to Give: I strongly believe that kindness is a gift given to us by our creator. No one can teach it to us, per say, but they surely can be an example; and that’s how most people learn. God wants to do big things in your life. Don’t settle for a small view of God. I’ve learned that even when I think I am not capable of doing it myself, I rely in God’s strength to carry me thru. I think that even when I feel less of myself, God sees me for the creation HE made (and he makes GREAT and NEW things often). Live to give isn’t confined to monetary boundaries. Nope! I know I serve the God that created the universe and I know that’s no small task because in the beginning, all God wanted to do was show us HIS faithfulness. . We’ve got to eliminate this “barely-get-by”mentality; and get rid of those old wineskins. Get rid of that small-minded thinking–Think big; think increase; think abundance; think that you more than enough and capable of so much more with God.

7.) CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY: Seriously, make it a priority to make this choice a priority. Set your mind and keep it set on the higher things. This last principle is more than just slapping a smile on your face. It’s about confronting the good, bad, and ugly about yourself. People like to thru confusion into this method, but I believe that when we start to believe others


  • I conceive it in my heart and in my mind first, in order to be receptive of what God has for me.
  • I expect things to change in my favor.
  • God meets me at my level of expectancy.
  • I trust God with with my dreams, desires, goals, and plans because He is a promise keeper. He has never failed.
  • Quit worrying about how nothing is ever going to get better in your life. Instead, go find somewhere you can dream.
  • Life is grand, and then it gets better. Smile.