The Fruitful Seed 

I was walking through aisles of Toys’R’Us, with my daughter on hip, when an “aleph” took place.

Aleph, as Paulo Coelho would put it is “a point where everything, the whole universe is contained” and this occurred between a warming spirit and mine. Aleph, as I like to put it is when a seed gets planted. It’s when time gives you a sense that it’s on your side. 

This moment was welcomed, and kind of ushered in by an old elementary school friend, Jenny. We were classmates since pre-k all the way to 5th grade and out of all places, I find her in the same store as I am, over 2,000 miles away from the same neighborhood we call, “home.” It was empowering to speak to each other with affirming love and encouragement since we’re both mothers, wives and under 30. We spoke for a good 20 minutes, just catching up about living in Georgia, how awesome marriage is, and ranting and raving about our kids. It was a moment I needed and didn’t realize how impactful it would be for me, honestly. I was caught up in God’s grace. Someone I didn’t speak to for years still recognized me and made sure to get my attention and I find that special. especially in a world where people are constantly overlooking the seeds (whether positive or not so positive) that get planted in their lives.

When it comes to friendships and long-term relationship building with people, one thing is true: Not everyone you meet is going to be real about themselves with you, and rightfully so. I do believe we all have a right to be private and conservative with what we share with img_6534others about our lives. But I also believe that whatever seed you withhold is also a seed that never reaches it’s peak harvest. The type of energy we can encounter from being too welcoming of others could eventually harm us with baggage of naïveté and self-worth,
true. However, I’ve learned that truth is, everyone encounters a struggle like this and we all go through transformative changes that shake the ground from underneath our feet. Someone all we need is another person to remove the tension in the air that we are creating.  That also means we are blessed, in fairness and in love with who we encounter. What you give is what you get with friendships these days.

Now, can I, like, Kanye-vent for like 2 minutes?

It disturbs me that people misconstrued the word “blessing.” It’s turn into this term almost synonymous for alchemy, or like a magic trick. Like blessings are confined to the materialism and it’s superficiality on our Instagram feeds. As if what we count as a blessing have footprint to some work we’ve done. As if God is our employee.

Truth is, waking up to a life, no matter the original basis, is a blessing. Thus all of the trials, tests and testimonies are mapped out before us. What we are going thru already has footprints. Those blessings that provide basic needs for our lives, enhances the quality of our lives, and makes living more convenient, is a blessing in our lives.

Now I want to declare this to be the resounding truth: We must become insatiably concerned of recognizing blessings as that which brings fruit. We have to honor the seed as much as we relish in harvest.

Just ask yourself: Does this blessing combine the goodness and truth of God? Does this blessing bring me a seed to plant for another fruitful harvest?

A car is just a car, and a house and just a house. But not to the person who’s been catching the bus for years. It’s not to the family that almost got evicted, or missed rent. When we take care of the blessings that yield fruit, the seed is trulyseed-sprout
in our hands to plant in, again, in fertile soil.

We apply cliches to our lives thinking cliches carry power to manifest our goals. And sure, maybe they do. “The grass is greener where you water it,” or “I have X,Y,Z, therefore I’m blessed,” is too simple for life’s complexities. Truth is, it doesn’t work like that. Faith requires grunt work in the spiritual, not only action in the physical. Some of us are better in the physical than others, but each of us are tune in a spiritual vibration of some sort. Meditate and then we’ll talk.

Now to my religious, this is for you. The conservative,have a way of carrying themselves. General consensus? I would say to an extreme level almost, and it’s scary to know what is labeled a blessing to them. Even something minute can be some dramatic overhaul of God blessing them. Just, too much. God is big without us even mentioning it to him. We have to mention all of God’s goodness to ourselves and make it evident to our relationship with God– But that’s it.

Through my walk with God, I’ve seen miracles, and I’ve witness the supernatural power of God. Ive seen body parts healed, sicknesses removed, relationships restored– I can go on and on. Often times what we, the flesh, categorize as a blessing, comes from logical application, not supernatural application. It took a lot of drawing out my true self and welcoming God into intimate crevices of my life to faithfully step in during moments of desperate need. With no one else to rely on, sowing a seed through prayer has made me more faithful than anything else. Seeing the manifestations of that which I prayed for only brought me closer to loving what sowing a seed does. Impactful the to say the least.

Please don’t misinterpret — I love God with every fiber in my body. I believe individuals have authority to carry truth, purity self-will and purposeful reform with them, but let’s not kid ourselves either. Walking in holiness is a daily practice of sowing seeds of intention to welcome bountiful harvests from the labor we’ve put in. I believe, in the beginning especially, it takes deep, ritualistic practices to keep the our bodies motivated, that is, if we even need the reminder. It’s important to not forget this:

The seed carries power to bring a rich harvest or one single fruit.

When we focus more on the fruit and less on the seed we forget the God we serve. We forget that is was God who provided the seed, and the fruit to begin with. I believe we serve a God that’s constantly planting seeds within us to grow, love and explore Earth. That’s a blessing. I believe we were given the power to help anyone, literally. It could even be thyneighbor. That’s a blessing. With every seed(blessing) we count and plant, we are ultimately counting God’s grace and favor in our lives.

I believe during this time, we should be intentional with the seeds we plant within the lives of others and ourselves. 

  • Let’s plant seeds of divine praise in everything we do so we don’t lose strength and focus of our divine purpose.
  • Let’s plant seeds of everlasting love so even our enemies know we forget because true forgiveness heals all matters, not time. (Cause children of God ain’t got time to wait around for apologies…forgive and forget!)
  • Let’s plant seeds of harmony and unity with our community members and leaders. Let’s push ourselves to be kinder in our actions and words.
    • how we speak to ourselves
    • by being more truthful about what we want from each other. (Let’s not lie to kick it, ya know.)