My reason is simple. When I learned how to comprehend, read, and write the english language at the tender age of 4, I did it so my peers could see a Honduran-born could adapt to American culture. I did not want to get picked on. Plus, the 90s were a bit different. I did not want to be teased because I didn’t know english. I started reading, on my own, in elementary school through the novels my teachers assigned to the syllabus. Everytime I read a new book, I felt like I was smarter. The very first book I ever read was an English to Spanish translation book, Inglés sin Barreras, (yup! That’s right. I taught myself english.)

Reading books opened my imagination. I grew confidence to write because I could get lost in the themes of a book. Soon after I made reading a book a habit, I noticed that my vocabulary, vernacular, and grammar improve with every chapter completed. I grew up to appreciate authors and the amount of hard work put into constructing stories that inspires people to be creators, doers, and believers of self. Reading certain books gave me the “common ground” I needed in order to relate with colleguages and professionals of different industries. This helped a lot when I applied for college. I became inspired to pursue journalistic writing such as magazines (online and print), newspaper opinions, and

Reading under a tree can reduce stress, encourage physical activity,  and exposes us to vitamin d

blogging. However, once I graduated college, I didn’t have the desire to report the news. I want to write books, blog posts, and essays after I read Maya Angelou’s, I Know Why The
Caged Bird Sings. 
That book allowed me to see that being vulnarable in my writing isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s a healingI couldn’t imagine my childhood without this book.

Now that I am a mother, I made the committment to share my love for reading books with my daughter, who will be reaching her “terrific twos” on Christmas Day. There are days where I’ll catch her in the mist of toddler chaos(a.k.a toys e v e r y w h e r e) sitting quietly, pointing to the characters and spelling words. It is in this moment, when I realized how much reading how brought light to my world. I’ve read enough books to convince me to pursue publishing some of my work.

Now, I stick to books that introduce healthy thinking and encourage me to push my imagination past boundaries of social construct.

#IReadBecause I love to learn.