“When we are deceived, we don’t know, enjoy or live by the truth.”

Joyce Meyer

The truth is we are accountable for what we give, say and do to others. We like to think we 313hdon’t harm others with our actions or words and then dare to become offended when our relationships take a turn for the worst. Just because someone is strong on the outside side that doesn’t disqualify them from receiving honest, truthful relationships that often require vulnerability and empathy for others. We prevent ourselves from being suspended in an atmosphere of inclusively and worthiness when we don’t communicate all that we do, say, and give with authenticity. We like to believe in this “front” about others, although we know how multi-layered our human experiences can be, first-hand! However, I’ve learned that living authentically spills over in interpersonal relationships. Deceitfulness crushes your mental fortitude and leaves you the pieces of self-reproach. You begin to put the pieces together to realize that maybe you don’t want to put “that life” back together again. You want something more authentic.

Source: The Free Dictionary

We can measure our character by whether or not we are living authentically. Authenticity comes like a river. [It] unloads grace, favor and mercy that becomes rapidly fluid with your life. We end up hurting others, lying to them and preventing them from living an authentic life  when we don’t spread truth, love and wisdom with intention. When we don’t dare  live the life we’ve always wanted. I’ve learned to become responsible with my energy. It’s better to say the truth then to disguise a lie. I’ve learn to become accountable. If I cannot remove my judgment from observation, then I don’t speak. I’ve accepted the truth about being authentic: If you spread lies, if you give unworthiness, if you gossip about rumors, then yes, you are resisting the truth from existing on its own, and in fact, you planting a seed of lies into the lives of others. We have to be conscious in order to be authentic.

What benefits you won’t benefit someone else most of the time, but integrity and honesty are important components according with living authentically, truthfully.


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